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About Me

It’s hard to know where to begin… outside of owning and working with horses, I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and I manage a thoroughbred and quarter horse racing and breeding facility. I am an educated veterinary technologist. I am an avid endurance competitor. I am a mother of two elementary age boys. I have been married and divorced… I am your average, everyday, hard working, dedicated American girl… who LOVES horses!!

I essentially was born with the “bug” as my parents would have called it when I was younger. In my earliest childhood memories, horses ruled my world in every way. I lived, breathed, and dreamed horses. I would sit and draw horses for hours on end (the drawings throughout this website are from my young, childhood days). They were all I talked about and thought about. Probably quite annoying to other non-horse-addicts. By the time I could read, I memorized every bone in the horse’s body – weird? Yea, maybe a little! I saved every penny I ever earned to buy Breyer horses, which I continued to do into middle school. I am the only horse enthusiast in my family so I did not grow up with my own personal horses, but you can sure bet I took every opportunity to be near them when I could. I started English lessons when I was 5 years old at Moon Drift Farm, a Morgan farm in Colorado and, surprise, surprise, fell in absolute love with the horse, a gelding named Hilarious.” He was bay with some white markings. To my mother’s dismay, I proceeded to insist on wearing only brown, black and white clothes, particularly my one pair of brown pants… every day! Those disappeared suddenly one day… hmmmm… Mom? That wasn’t very nice.

I did get my first horse in high school, a yearling quarter horse filly, named Angel. Whomever came up with the name Angel was clearly demented. She was a pure brat!! Not a very nice horse at all. She would purposely step on me when being saddled, kick me with her front leg when bitting, and the only time she would break a walk was when she would set her sites on a fence and run straight forward into it. Somehow, I continued to love horses, just not Angel.

Off to college I went, aspiring to be a veterinarian, specializing in horses of course. Well, life happens and after a few years, I ended up attending Bel-Rea Institute for Animal Technology in Denver, Colorado, thinking I would get my feet wet and then proceed with the challenge of getting into vet school. I do have to say, Bel-Rea provided a great education. I had been working as a medical transcriptionist for years, which turned out to be very helpful in this endeavor.

At this point, I had been away from horses entirely for about eight years and had not ridden in that time at all. One day while attending Bel-Rea, we went to a farm called Kenlyn Arabians. This trip turned out to be monumental for me and would change my life forever. It was an Arabian breeding facility that offered a volunteer program for students to assist in foaling. So I signed up for a night and was very excited to see this great event take place. The mare was a maiden mare and she didn’t wait for the sun to set. I showed up 45 minutes too late. When I saw that foal, a beautiful bay colt, the love of horses I had when younger absolutely flooded me with intense, raw emotion. How have I lived without horses? So I bought the little colt and named him St. Vincent. I sure caught a lot of slack for that purchase from fellow students taunting me, “Have you ever owned a horse before? How much do you know about horses?” Boy, they sure didn’t know now did they?! Let me say here, everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has to learn how to walk, how to talk; there is always a “first”, right? I think people shouldn’t be so quick to criticize and rather should encourage or offer knowledge. St. Vincent is 14 years old now and many moons and many horses later, he is still the love of my life!

Kenlyn Arabians also was active in the sport of endurance competition. I had never heard of endurance, but it sure got my interest since I very much enjoyed riding trail when younger, but I didn’t like to just walk; I wanted to go far and fast… perfect!

St. Vincent went on to be a great endurance horse, carrying me through my first 100-miler and my first National Championship. He is now 14 years old and still the love of my life! He has taught me so much. And every one of my horses has taught me something. They are all different and all have something different to offer. I have experienced breeding (stallion as well as mare care), injuries (minor to more serious with surgery), rehabilitation, training, and conditioning for 50 and 100-mile races. I look forward to continuing to experience and learn! Horses!! How can anyone NOT love them?!

I hope you enjoy Everything Horses! Visit often as more information will continue to come, and do participate in the BLOG; I want to hear what you can teach me as well.